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Electric Clothes Drying Rack
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Brand: KosmoCare
Availability: Will be in Stock by 1st July,2018.
Product Code: .HXOEC01
Shipper Pack: 1 Unit
MRP Rs. 27,990 Rs. 24,911 per unit
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The ordinary clothes drying racks normally consume a lot of space in your apartment and cannot dry clothes instantly when kept indoors. The moisture and dampness allows harmful bacteria to grow. It is difficult to manage heavy clothes especially on the pulley system based manual clothes dryer.  Also, you cannot really hang your clothes out for drying in all weather conditions.

Faraday’s Electric Clothes Drying Rack is a solution to all the above problems. Faraday Electric Clothes Dryer is a space saving solution to dry your clothes effortlessly. It can be easily installed and mounted on the ceiling of your drying area or it can be used in the cloakroom or laundry room in your apartment. The wireless remote operation lets you control its function to lower/raise the drying rack with ease. It has a total weight bearing capacity of 35 kgs which allows you to stack your load straight out of your washing machine onto the __ (number of rods & material) retractable rods which have a length of 2.2 meters each. The UV disinfection light kills most microorganisms present in your clothes. The in-built fan helps your clothes dry faster.

The superior quality construction promises better strength and durability. The anti-odour function of this product keeps foul smell of wet clothes at bay. This product is the best pick for winter and rainy seasons. It is also energy saving, as it does not consume much power during its operation. With a tubular motor, low noise and smart frame, this dryer will also make your home feel and look a class apart after being installed on the ceiling.

·Easy to install Electric Ceiling mounted Clothes Drying Rack
·Wireless remote controlled operation to raise/lower drying rack. Obstacle detection function present.
·Equipped with UV disinfection light, LED light and a fan
·Retractable rods each having a length of 2.2 meters. The maximum falling distance of the rack is 130 centimeters.
·Windproof X link frame for smooth and steady movement. Load bearing capacity of the rack: 35 kgs
·Product requires Installation. For Installation video, please refer to the following link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJkckNDwjpU




 Aluminum / Stainless steel


 34W x 126L x 7.5 D (cms)

 Max Falling Distance      

 130 cms

 Operating Voltage          


 Disinfection Light            

 17W UV light

 Integrated Light                               

 LED 20W

 Safety Device                   

- Over heating protection for motor

- Obstacle sensor

- Over current protection


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