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Obesity & Weight Management » Professional Weighing Scales & Body Composition Monitors
Professional Weighing Scales & Body Composition Monitors

Our range of professional products will meet the needs of sports, nutrition and weight management professionals. The detailed body composition analysis will demonstrate to your clients how changes in nutrition, hydration and exercise are improving their fitness, health and wellbeing. Tanita's analyzers are found in clinics and hospitals around the world, trusted for their accuracy, quality, and reliability.

Cleared by the FDA - all Tanita analyzers have undergone a stringent review by the FDA to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality, and most accurate, products on the market. Your confidence is our priority Tanita has developed an accurate segmental body composition analyzer which correlates with the gold standard, DEXA – Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry.

Body Composition Analyzer is intended for age group 18-99 years. Children aged 5-17 years can use these monitor for weight & body fat percentage readings and Healthy Range Indicator only, other features are not applicable to children.

Tanita products are available for sale through this website only within the states of MAHARASHTRA, GUJARAT & GOA. For other states, you may write to us or to Tanita India Private Limited at info@tanita.co.in indicating the interest of your products and we will revert back to you.

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